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December recap and what’s ahead in the new year

07 Jan 2019

Dear ArcadierX community,

Wishing everyone a happy new year! We are pleased to share December’s highlights and some upcoming activities to look forward to this January.

December 2018 highlights

Launch of ArcadierX

Last month marked a great start for ArcadierX, with the launch of ArcadierX’s first token pre-sale offering 30% bonus, which is currently on-going until tokens allocated for pre-sale 1 have been fully subscribed. The team also followed up with a successful launch event, where the communities got to meet and interact with ArcadierX’s core team and learn more about ArcadierX and how it is going to disrupt the Ecommerce industry with blockchain technology.

Meeting global communities

The team was also busy with planning and organising meet-ups around the world to introduce ArcadierX and engage with local investors and blockchain communities. ArcadierX held its first-ever China Tour in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 3rd to 7th December, meeting and establishing key industry contacts in both mega cities.

Arcadier Product Launch: Exzbit—Bringing Offline Tradeshows Online

The past month was an equally fruitful and busy one for Arcadier (ArcadierX’s parent company), with Arcadier continuing to achieve more milestones with the unveiling of its latest project—Exzbit. Exzbit aims to become the world’s best marketplace platform for trade shows and exhibitions, aiming to deliver an “always on” digital marketplace. The B2B tradeshow market in the U.S. alone was worth 13.7 billion USD in 2016, and it is projected to grow around 22% to 16.8 billion by the end of 2021.

Check out what we’re doing with Exzbit here

Arcadier in the news

Arcadier has also been featured in various media publications on its start up journey and prominent activities over the past month. Mr Dinuke Ranasinghe, CEO of Arcadier had a recent interview on the progress and motivation behind project ArcadierX with well known tech publication, ExchangeWire. Arcadier’s much-anticipated partnership with United Nations to combat non-communicable diseases globally was also picked up across several news outlets like The Business Times, Singapore’s business and financial paper and Ikiguide, a blockchain and cryptocurrency media.

What’s ahead in January 2019?

Activities are in full swing for the ArcadierX team in the new year. Check out where ArcadierX will be in January right now!

5th January: Blockchain Innovation, The Future of Opportunity | Taipei, Taiwan

ArcadierX will be participating in a venture capital funds and investors’ meetup co-organised by BN Capital and Starwin Capital. At the meetup, the team will establish key contacts with over 30 token venture funds and investors over presentation, Q&A and networking sessions.

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11th January: 2019 World Blockchain Forum | Shenzhen, China

Next, the team will head to Shenzhen, China for the World Blockchain Forum (WBF). ArcadierX is proud to be the recipient of the “innovative blockchain project of the year” award at WBF, which is a testament to ArcadierX’s value proposition as the world’s first Reverse ICO aiming to enhance the marketplaces through enabling faster discovery and improving distribution in a trustless ecosystem.

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16th January: Blockchain Sydney Enterprise Focus Meetup | Sydney, Australia

Next in line is a meetup to engage with the Australian blockchain community. There, Mr Dinuke Ranasinghe, CEO and Co-founder of Arcadier will be sharing on ArcadierX and the future of blockchain powered inventory. This will be followed by a panel discussion on blockchain powered e-commerce, alongside other expert panelists.

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Where will the ArcadierX team be next? Stay tuned to follow more of ArcadierX’s exciting journey!


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About ArcadierX

ArcadierX is a project designed and developed by world leading marketplace SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Arcadier to deploy and integrate blockchain and advanced technological enhancements onto Arcadier’s existing marketplace platform in a phased approach.

These new capabilities aim to develop Arcadier into a fully integrated intelligent eCommerce ecosystem comprising of core blockchain characteristics focusing on aspects such as inventory distribution (Arcadier Hub), reputation trust (Arcadier Trust), payments traceability (ARCTX), provenance assurance, trade financing and data analytics.


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