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Exploring the Future of Blockchain at Taipei Blockchain Innovation & The Future Meetup

22 Jan 2019

Taiwan has been one of the countries increasingly showing its potential as an emerging blockchain hub. Just last year, the Taiwan government announced the formation of a new parliamentary group Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain (TPCB) to help foster the nation’s emerging blockchain sector.

Well aware of the rising potential of Taipei as an up-and-coming blockchain city and its vibrant blockchain communities, ArcadierX took part in the Blockchain Innovation & The Future meetup earlier this month on 6 January to meet and engage with the bustling blockchain community in Taipei.

At the meetup co-organised by well-known blockchain VCs BN Capital and Starwin Capital, the team engaged with and established key contacts with top Taiwanese funds, industry experts, media and developer communities.

Co-hosted by Bit-Z, and everiTokens, the curated event drew over 200 enthusiastic attendees and speakers. ArcadierX is proud to be selected as one of the five blockchain projects to introduce and share about the project to the participants. Other projects on showcase include Cardiocoin, Noicoin, FinCredit Protocol and New Bloc.

At the meetup, Kenneth Low, CCO and Jiunn Shyong Tang, Financial Controller of ArcadierX jointly shared insights on ArcadierX and the problems it aims to solve in the eCommerce industry to the enthusiastic crowd.

The agenda then proceeded with talks from key opinion leaders in the community followed by a lively panel discussion covering the trends as well as the future of blockchain, where ArcadierX shared on the possible pitfalls and barriers to growth in driving mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in eCommerce and the wider industry.

Check out more photos of the ArcadierX team in action during the meetup below.


(L-R) Jiunn and Kenneth sharing on ArcadierX, blockchain-enhanced solution for online marketplace builders and the wider eCommerce industry.

L-R: Kenneth sharing on ArcadierX’s dual token strategy — ARXC and ARCTX; Jiunn sharing more on Arcadier’s value propositions and how it aims to remove barriers to growth for online marketplaces and the wider eCommerce industry by ensuring trust, transparency and scalability through blockchain technology.

Happy participants at Taipei Blockchain Innovation & The Future meetup

The ArcadierX team would like to extend a big thank you to the co-organisers of the meetup, BN Capital and Starwin Capital, distinguished guests, presenters and also all participants for making the meetup a success!


Where will the ArcadierX team be next? Stay tuned to follow more of ArcadierX’s exciting journey!



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About ArcadierX

ArcadierX is a project designed and developed by world leading marketplace SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Arcadier to deploy and integrate blockchain and advanced technological enhancements onto Arcadier’s existing marketplace platform in a phased approach.


These new capabilities aim to develop Arcadier into a fully integrated intelligent eCommerce ecosystem comprising of core blockchain characteristics focusing on aspects such as inventory distribution (Arcadier Hub), reputation trust (Arcadier Trust), payments traceability (ARCTX), provenance assurance, trade financing and data analytics.



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