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Meet ArcadierX Advisor - Prof Lawrence Loh

28 Feb 2019

Hi Arcadiens, 


We are honored to introduce to you yet another exceptional advisor, Professor Lawrence Loh! We first met Prof Loh at a blockchain summit, and that’s when “sparks flew”. Learn more about Prof Loh and his thoughts on ArcadierX in this exclusive feature. 


Meet Professor Lawrence Loh, ArcadierX’s advisor


Dr Lawrence Loh is currently the Director of the Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) at the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. He is also Deputy Head and Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy at the National University of Singapore.


Having received a PhD in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Loh has served in key leadership positions in universities and alliances across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 


Throughout his career, Dr Loh has been appointed to several government committees and think-tanks in the areas of education, information communications, and science and technology. Additionally, he has done extensive consultant work, from information and technology policy studies for various government agencies, to Fortune 500 companies and international organizations in the areas of quality management and technology strategy.


Alongside his work, Dr Loh has been published in different international journals including Management Science, Information Systems Researchand Journal of Management Information Systems. He has even co-authored a book titled "The Quest for Global Quality: A Manifestation of Total Quality Management by Singapore Airlines" published by Addison-Wesley.



Q&A with Professor Loh


Q: What makes ArcadierX different from other projects?

The unique selling point of ArcadierX is literally the “X-factor”. More than just a compelling business model for the coming ubiquitous online marketplaces, ArcadierX seems to be able to pull it all together through a superior configuration of tokenized offerings.



Q: Why did you choose to join ArcadierX as an investor/advisor?

Actually it may be some sort of a coincidence. I was a panel speaker at a blockchain summit on ICOs. Arcadier’s management team happened to be there. I guess there was some “chemistry” of convergent thinking and then the “physics” of getting together happened. So I came on board.



Q: What do you love most about the ArcadierX team?

The team obviously has the necessary experience and expertise. What struck me most is that they are real people and down-to-earth. In fact, they are so committed and passionate they sometimes forget to eat! In my first visit to the humble premises of Arcadier to meet the management team, it was almost 3pm and they seemed to have forgotten to eat lunch. We walked to the nearby open food court and discussed business while gobbling down some food.


Q: What’s a random fact about you?

I read the news a lot, almost every free minute of the day. It’s like devouring the news. Maybe this is because I get quite a bit of media calls to comment on all sorts of business issues, as part of my job, almost every other day, so I have to be always on my toes.


Q: What is your view on the bear market?

A bear market is really a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff – good companies will prevail. For these companies, things will go up. I like this famous poetry line: “O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”



Disclaimer: Nothing written, posted or said by representatives of ArcadierX, its community managers, or community members should be interpreted as, taken as, or constitutes investment advice. All written comments are opinions of individuals and any investment is a risk that individuals take themselves.



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About ArcadierX


ArcadierX is a project designed and developed by world leading marketplace SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Arcadier to deploy and integrate blockchain and advanced technological enhancements onto Arcadier’s existing marketplace platform in a phased approach.


These new capabilities aim to develop Arcadier into a fully integrated intelligent eCommerce ecosystem comprising of core blockchain characteristics focusing on aspects such as inventory distribution (Arcadier Hub), reputation trust (Arcadier Trust), payments traceability (ARCTX), provenance assurance, trade financing and data analytics.


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