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Meet ArcadierX Advisor — Sridhar Nagarajan

15 Feb 2019

Behind ArcadierX is a stellar team of advisors who are integral to ArcadierX’s business strategies and future growth, bringing with them a wealth of experience and deep industry know-how.


In this feature, we are pleased to introduce Mr Sridhar Nagarajan, an experienced global business leader with a track record of delivering delightful products across multiple markets.


Meet Mr Sridhar Nagarajan, ArcadierX’s advisor


Sridhar is an expert in bringing customer-focused SaaS products to a global market. He’s currently the VP of Product at Chatmeter, a leading SaaS location management platform. Most recently he built the go-to-market team at Ecwid, a startup helping democratize e-commerce. He spent almost a decade at PayPal, scaling their product team and building a global payments solution for SMBs.


Q&A with Sridhar


Q: When and how did you first hear about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?


I’ve been in the payments and ecommerce space for more than a decade, it was inevitable that I’d run into this emerging technology. About 5 years ago, I started seeing a demand for cryptocurrencies (specifically Bitcoin) as a payment option for Ecommerce transactions, and I was quite skeptical at this point.


The need was more apparent in emerging markets where there is limited penetration of traditional payment methods like credit card and bank accounts. In addition, it was challenging for small and medium sized businesses in emerging markets to easily set up online merchant accounts to accept online payments on their Ecommerce sites.


My research, along with market trends, have led me to believe that cryptocurrency (and more specifically blockchain technology) will become a key commerce driver globally.


Q: Why ArcadierX?


ArcadierX has a unique blend of talent and innovation to disrupt Ecommerce globally and democratize it for the emerging market. Dinuke and I have known each other for more than a decade and I firmly believe that his leadership and focus on innovation will enable ArcadierX to maximize its growth potential.

Q: Why do you think democratizing Ecommerce is important globally?


There are 2 key reasons for this:


1. The B2B Ecommerce growth opportunity has shifted outside North America and Europe.Based on Statista’s market research, 84% of B2B commence sales in 2017 were “Beyond the West”. This, coupled with the fact that ecommerce accounts for less than 5% of total retail sales in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe (compared with 15% in North America and Europe), indicates the immense opportunity for ecommerce in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.


2. Growth in cross-border shopping with more cost efficient shipping and simplified payments.Cross-border ecommerce is forecast to grow at 25% per year (twice as fast as domestic) to $900B in gross merchandise volume by 2020. This is driven by an increasing number of consumers searching for better deals and more choices, which is made possible by the growing number of small and medium sized businesses selling via their own Ecommerce sites and via marketplaces.


Q: Ecommerce and Blockchain — what do you think of this combination and how can ArcadierX play a role?


ArcadierX has the unique opportunity to connect marketplace participants with online sellers at scale, thereby creating an exponential network effect across the globe. This, combined with secure transactions and inventory management leveraging the blockchain, has the potential to unlock the full potential of ecommerce in emerging markets around the world.


Q: What motivates you?


Innovative technology coupled with intelligent teams — this combination excites me as it enables accelerated development of applications to help address market needs rapidly and iteratively.


Q: What’s a random fact about you?


I’ve lived and worked in 4 continents including Asia, Australia, Europe and North America :-)


Disclaimer: Nothing posted by representatives of ArcadierX, its community managers, or community members should be interpreted as, taken as, or constitutes investment advice. All written comments are opinions of individuals and any investment is a risk that individuals take themselves.


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About ArcadierX

ArcadierX is a project designed and developed by world leading marketplace SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Arcadier to deploy and integrate blockchain and advanced technological enhancements onto Arcadier’s existing marketplace platform in a phased approach.

These new capabilities aim to develop Arcadier into a fully integrated intelligent eCommerce ecosystem comprising of core blockchain characteristics focusing on aspects such as inventory distribution (Arcadier Hub), reputation trust (Arcadier Trust), payments traceability (ARCTX), provenance assurance, trade financing and data analytics.


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