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ArcadierX Presale 1 Final Two Days!

29 Mar 2019

SINGAPORE – MARCH 2019: With only two days remaining in the first private presale round of our ARCX token, it’s time for those interested in the project to make a purchase! Especially if you’d like to enjoy the special 30% bonus we are offering.


For those who don’t know, ArcadierX is a developer of blockchain augmented eCommerce solutions, hoping to solve the twin problems of Product Discovery and Reputation Portability that both Buyers and Sellers face in the eCommerce world.


Our Arcadier Hub and Arcadier Trust platforms will deliver enhanced product discovery capabilities and ratings, and reputation and trust portability for the global B2B and B2C eCommerce markets. 


Our solutions will be far better than any current product discovery processes or inventory multi-homing solutions, at a fraction of the cost, delivering massive savings in terms of both time and money.


With the incorporation of validated reputation, ratings and trust factors, our customers can have the greatest confidence in the counterparties they trade with.


Currently, we are designing our initial prototypes, running our ARCX utility token sale and negotiating a range of vendor agreements and distribution partnerships.


March 31st is the last day of our first private presale round, where you will receive a 30% bonus if you subscribe to our ARCX token. Starting April 1st 2019, subscriptions will be part of our second private presale and receive a 10% bonus.

The ARCX tokens have been minted, our token minting contract has been audited, and both the smart contract source code and audit report are published on our GitHub at


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